Positive Attitude

med6A positive mental attitude is one of the important, fundamental elements of good health. This principle has been contemplated by philosophers and physicians since the time of Plato and Hippocrates, and it is also simple common sense. Modern research has verified the importance that attitude – the collection of habitual thoughts and emotions – plays in determining the length and quality of life. Specifically, studies using various scales to assess attitude have shown that compared with optimists, individuals with a pessimistic attitude have poorer health, are prone to depression, are more frequent users of medical and mental health care delivery systems, exhibit more cognitive decline and impaired immune function with aging, and have a shorter survival rate. This research highlights the fact that although life is full of events that are beyond one’s control, people can control their responses to such events. Attitude goes a long way toward determining how people view and respond to the stresses and challenges of life.

Dr. Michael T. Murray, ND,